Riff Police! Pull Over! #40: Exodus Vs Kreator!

Time for some classic Thrash. 1985 and “Bonded by Blood” from Exodus. An album recorded in 1984 but not released for almost a year due to label issues and re-titled from “A Lesson In Violence” due to the lack of suitable cover artwork, it’s a piece of work that not only saw Exodus rise to fame but is also considered one of the most influential Thrash albums of all time. After all, how else would guitarist Gary Holt get the call up from Slayer?

“Total Death” from the 1985 album “Endless Pain” from Kreator has been sited by some as being a total rip-off song. It so obviously borrows heavily from “Strike of the Beast” by Exodus but if you listen closely, you might even hear “Mad Butcher” by Sentence of Death from 1984. “Total Death” was actually released just 6 months after the Exodus tune, April to October the time difference, while “Mad Butcher” appeared in November of ’84. Not only is it a small World, it’s one where the Riff Police can catch up with you!

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