The Black Map #45: Old Wharf from Wolverhampton!

Wolverhampton, a city named after Wulfrun, who founded the town in 985 and musically famous for being home to Slade and Babylon Zoo amongst others is in the heart of the Midlands. It’s the place that you can well expect a Beatdown Deathcore crew to hail from. And you would be right. Old Wharf are exactly that band. They’ve been working on their fresh out the oven debut EP “Reside” for a little while now and will finally let the cat out of the bag around Easter. Then it will be time to get to the shows and start a circle pit! A trio of tunes are out now on all major streaming platforms. “Deaths Eyes”, “Defeated” and “A.T.N.W”, which have gradually appeared over the past 3 months. If you’re a fan of¬†Varials¬†or Kublai Khan then this is a band you NEED to check out!

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