Review: “A New Realm Of Misery” EP by Desolated

Touring since 2007, Southampton and London based Metallic Hardcore crew Desolated looked to have called it a day with 2016’s “The End” and a final tour across Europe in August 2017. Back from the dead nearly 2 years down the track, the quintet comprising vocalist Paul Williams, drummer Joel Scott, lead guitarist Andy Harper, guitarist/vocalist Rich Unsworth and bassist/vocalist Tony Evans have let us have both barrels with a brand new EP they describe as a journey through pain.

Like a distorted black box recording that crashed into the Earth from Space, “An Introduction” welcomes you to the album with a computer generated female voice telling you that there has been a period of self destructive behaviour while thanking you (the fans) for hanging around. The title track “A New Realm Of Misery” comes out swinging with that classic Metallic Hardcore groove and group vocals while Joel Scott pounds the kit. Some classic old school Hatebreed riffs are clearly an influence while a downtempo closing breakdown adds that indefinable quality that makes the tune distinctive and attractive. It’s a magnetic headbanger from start to finish and the trio of vocalists all participating gives that classic older Biohazard vibe with several brutal vocal styles on show.

“Still Breathing But Not Alive” sees the band drop to a downtempo Deathcore groove style for a verse that sees Paul Williams summoning Demons before a face melting solo Andy Harper ushers in some powerhouse footwork on the kit and a huge breakdown of thunderously epic proportions. Shifting the gears on the juggernaut “War” moves between some downtempo slowdown to some full throttle driven work and back amid sirens and some caustic unclean vocals full of venomous finger pointing lyrics. It’s slow building atmospheric and opening verse has a hint of the Sludge Metal of Crowbar being an influence but amped up like Left Behind. “So you started a War, now step up”. Hell yes. Bringing back the computer generated voice for a distorted introduction “More Than Agony” welcomes us to a journey to the gates of Hell. Taking the Downtempo route for the opening salvo before taking on a Beatdown groove approach, it’s a savage beating that deserves some attention. Perhaps warning you that the band are here to stay in the context of a different storyline, its a piece of class that proves the band still have what it takes and are very much back refreshed from their absence [8/10]

“A New Realm Of Misery” by Desolated is out now and available here.

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