NEWS: Suicide Silence announce live album with KoRn cover!

12th July will see the second compilation of cuts from Suicide Silence in less than a month. Coming from the vaults of Nuclear Blast and called “Live & Mental” which was recorded at a mental health awareness charity event in 2015. It’s available for digital pre-order over at iTunes. The track listing is below but perhaps the biggest surprise is that their cover of “Blind” by KoRn from the set remains in as these things have a habit of being pulled.

1 Unanswered (Live)
2 No Pity For A Coward (Live)
3 Inherit The Crown (Live)
4 Wake Up (Live)
5 Fuck Everything (Live)
6 Cease To Exist (Live)
7 Sacred Words (Live)
8 Disengage (Live)
9 Slaves To Substance (Live)
10 You Can’t Stop Me (Live)
11 Destruction Of A Statue (Live)
12 Blind (Live)
13 Bludgeoned To Death (Live)
14 You Only Live Once (Live)

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