Review: “Divides” EP by Abandoned Humanity

Divides is the first release by Abandoned Humanity, a Moscow Russia based Progressive Death Groove Metal band comprising of Denis Bondarev on guitars and vocals, Artem Gorokhov on bass guitar and vocals and Denis Pevunov on Drums and Programming.
“Divides” brings a classic Metal rising repeating riff and pull to the introduction that has hints of Megadeth about it before smashing into a dark pummelling Death Metal verse with a healthy dose of bands like God Syndrome¬†before the vocalists switch over for a Dream Theatre inspired verse. So in the one song you have a trio of distinct styles with a seamless smooth movement between them. It’s a testiment to the bands phenomenal musicanship and writing skills that the song doesn’t end up sounding like a disjoined mess and instead takes the best of each genre and brings them together in perfect harmony. The Progressive Metal solo for example is masterful while the punishing chorus of accented vocaled Death Metal is a fine piece of work.
“This Hecatomb” repeats the feat of “Divides” with a solid piece of old school Metal riffage opening things up before some synths build in underneath. While the unclean vocals bark and bite, the riffs flow plentifully and some of the kit work is just phenomenal. The clean vocals hold together the progressive moments really well. Another brilliant and technical solo appears in this cut along with a galloping piece of drumming that is note worthy. Both tracks of equally high quality act as a showcase for a band with a bright future. It’s time for that Oliver Twist moment. “Please Sir, can we have some more?”

Track listing

  1. Divides
  2. This Hecatomb

“Divides” by Abandoned Humanity is out now and available via bandcamp


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