Under The Influence #2: Blutfeld on “The Crusher” by Amon Amarth!

…back for Round #2, the second installment in our all new series “Under The Influence” sees the best Underground talent from all over the planet singing the praises of their influences. Last week saw atWood tell us about their love for “Anon” by Australian Post Hardcore experimentalists Hands Like Houses. This time out it’s time for some Death Metal!

The third full length studio album from Swedish Death Metallers Amon Amarth entitled “The Crusher” first appeared via Metal Blade Records in 2001. We sat first appeared – owing to its success it has received a vinyl outing in 2007 and a remaster from Jens Bogren (Sepultura, Opeth, Soilwork) in 2009. Part of its success is owed to the presence of Peter Tagtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) in the the producers chair and is widely considered to be the bands heaviest album…

Daniel Tjernberg from Swedish Death Metallers Blutfeld: “Though there is much that sets us apart, Amon Amarth is a great inspiration for Blutfeld, and in particular their album “The Crusher” has played a major role. This heavy metal firepower of melodic death is the album that really defined Amon Amarth, all encased in raw sounds and great songwriting! Another thing we appreciate about this band is that you always know what to expect, and that’s desirable. You will always have the nice melodic guitar arrangements, the steady rhythm section and the brutal Johan Hegg vocals. The Crusher! Although we have not been consciously inspired by this, we have certainly done so unintentionally, as this gem was played day after day in the stereo, almost shattered, when released.”

“Kingdom of Mine” by Blutfeld is out now and available via bandcamp

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