Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! “Chop Suey!”

Time for a classic of modern times. A lot… Actually a LOT of bands have covered this song, Motionless In White, Ankor, Robyn Adele Anderson and Viktoriya Yermolyeva to name but a few. It has to be said that the first two System of a Down albums are simply phenomenal and the others, while they have moments, don’t quite match up. Maybe that’s why Serj Tankian is nervous about writing a new record. The song? “Chop Suey”! The bat s**t crazy titled song about… Meh, you know it.

In the Red corner we have Enter Shikari. They recorded their version for Rock Sound Magazine back in 2015 and then released it with a cover of “Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against The Machine on 7″ Vinyl. While both cover choices might seem surprising on the face of it, Enter Shikari are a politically and socially aware band so covering bands of a similar nature makes perfect sense.

In the blue corner we have San Paulo Brazilian Metallers Undercover. It’s nice to get a female vocal on the tune and having started out in 2014, they’re taking a pregnancy break. Who wins? You decide!

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