NEWS: A Killers Confession announce “The Indifference of Good Men”!

The sophomore album from the new project of former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis dubbed A Killers Confession will be walking out from the shadows on 18th October. Produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Starset, Sevendust) in Los Angeles California, the follow up to “Unbroken” is called “The Indifference of Good Men”. It’s accompanied by the first single “Numb”.

Frontman Waylon Reavis comments: “To me, the “Numb” video represents true loss. In this video, it presents a family falling apart because of the death of a child and how that loss slowly destroys everything around the marriage. It stands as a warning that actions can have severe consequences on loved ones that are left behind. It’s also a testament of if you need help, seek it out so this scenario may never happen to you. There’s always someone out there with open ears that will listen. We are never alone as long as we don’t choose to be”

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