Review: “Coma Culture” EP by Ill Vision

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by their very own Jake Murray who provides the guitars and backing vocals, Birmingham residents Ill Vision aim to bring second city riffs to the table with their second EP “Coma Culture”, a swift follow up to their self titled debut that was released in December. Once again rejoined by Brad Lakin, this time for additional backing vocals throughout having appeared previously on “Hive Mind”. The quartet are rounded out by vocalist Matt Collins, bassist Dave Shepherd and last but not least, drummer Mitch Dornan.

After a speech sample from what sounds like a 1950s mind influencing program from the CIA talking about how your emotions could be your worst enemy “Chaser” hammers in with some Pantera esq riffs and some pin sharp production. Matt Collins lyrics are thought provoking and his vocals burn like battery acid while a couple of choice breakdown moments make for a fantastic start. Title track “Coma Culture” features a guest vocal appearance from Charlie Pearce of Road Mutant and kicking off with a classic Thrash riff is the perfect introduction for him. Floating between Metal and Hardcore, the drum sound is crisp, clean and big in the mix while a brief melodic passage back up into Pearce’s vocal part is a fine moment.

Changing their path with “Low” and going hardcore punk with Dave Shepherd’s bass coming up in the mix and the guitars dropping down until a final onslaught in fine fashion, it showcases some of the bands other influences. It is perhaps a bit of a throwback to the style of their debut. The breakneck speed crossover Thrash of “Save Face” is necksnappingly headbangable while having the sort of dynamic that bridges older Thrash bands like Exodus to the new breed. Some of Murray’s lead licks and phenomenal and there is little doubt Ill Vision are a going places band. Punching equally hard “Death Glow” continues the high quality, high energy output with a couple of guitar breaks allowing the bass to bleed though in fuzzy tones during the poison fang bite laiden vocals. Collins is the barking dog in the yard, just begging for the postman to step in so he can bite his leg. Clean off. Riffs a plenty, “Coma Culture” does what it says on the tin and wipes the floor after the firefight [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Chaser
  2. Coma Culture (Ft. Charlie Pearce of Road Mutant)
  3. Low
  4. Save Face
  5. Death Glow

“Coma Culture” by Ill Vision is out now and available via bandcamp

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