Review: “To Conquer A Fear” by We Struck Gold

Billed as an EP but featuring 7 tracks and therefore qualifying among streaming outlets as an album, Bristol Melodic Hardcore quartet We Struck Gold have let us have “To Conquer A Fear”, the first of a two part release. Whether that means it will eventually see vinyl with the second half remains to be seen but it’s been 3 years since their debut “Opportunities Are Endless” so this one becomes a highly anticipated 26 minute affair!

Opening with “Pervasive” which is an adrenaline rush of Counterparts influenced riffs and melodic leads delivered with the pace and energy to get a pit going on a wet Wednesday night in Bradford in November, it’s variety is its joy. Climbing to some darker uncleans with build up before dropping back tastefully while also adding in that gang chant styled group vocal is simply joyful, as are the flourishes of Metalcore guitar work that add a touch of heavy to balance out the passionate and emotive vocals from Omar Al-Hinai. Title track “To Conquer A Fear” takes the tempo up just a notch and tells us that the band have what it takes to complete with the finest acts from the US and Australia in this genre. The musicianship has been honed and the songs crafted like a fine wood carving. Akin to the more melodic side of Our Hollow Our Home, they should go far with this. The guitar work has a wave crashing on the shore like quality to the tone and the progressions sparkle under the vocals. Moving into shades of early Godsmack territory for the main riff, “High Horse” is tune which rants and raves while pointing the finger at an unnamed someone and simply tells them to get off. Occupying heavier riffs and taking things down a more melodic Metalcore route, the aggression in the uncleans is a demonstration of how much this means while the clean touches lift the darkness like the curtain at first light.

Taking a break “Interlude” is an 87 second ambient guitar track that acts as an introduction to “No Tomorrow” which bursts from it with the adrenaline rush of a double espresso. Juddering rhythm riffs from Jesse Brock are underpinned by some bright melodic leads and there is just a hint of “Sempiternal” era Bring Me The Horizon in the mix, though you might not catch that the first few times around as it nuances out beautifully. The sentiment of the lyrics is a simple one but brutally effective. The closing gang chant should have the mic grabbing sing-a-longs arriving in style at the shows. A melodic clean vocal starts “Dissolve” around some programming and a big drum sound from Issac Barton before bringing the guitars in at the half way mark. It’s a powerful and thought provoking cut that stands apart from the bands other material with changing of styling but it works phenomenally well with its arena filling sound. Stepping out from the shadows comes “The Stride” that roars with a Metallic Hardcore rush of riffs and some savage uncleans leaving everything else in its wake. The clever ambient break and classic Hardcore Punk bass solo from Tom Southon is genius in a track that is a whirlwind of energy and seamless style shifts. [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Pervasive
  2. To Conquer A Fear
  3. High Horse
  4. Interlude
  5. No Tomorrow
  6. Dissolve
  7. The Stride

“To Conquer A Fear” by We Struck Gold is out now


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