Throwback: “Double X Minus” by Five Pointe O!

Way back in 2002 we saw the Roadrunner Roadrage Tour as it rolled up on Brighton’s Concord 2 like a tank with a trio of Roadrunner Records Metalcore bands in their infancy. Two of those bands have remained on the scene and outlived the stereotypes by reinventing themselves while staying true to their roots. Killswitch Engage and 36 Crazyfists being the pair in question. But one band seemingly disappeared off the face of the map. That would be Five Pointe O. The Chicago outfit delivered their second album “Untitled” loaded with rage filled Rap-Metal and as David from said in this piece “Sometimes it sounds like Rage Against The Machine to drift into Slipknot climes or even Death Metal regions the next moment, while the whole thing is spiced with a pinch of Faith No More” so we figured it’s time for some “Double X Minus”!

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