Review: “SisuKastraatio I & II” by TakaLaiton

Finnish Crossover Thrashers TakaLaiton were founded in September 2014 in Lappeenranta, South Karelia Finland, a quartet comprising Juho Mantykivi on Rhythm guitar & Vocals, Janne Raunio on Bass & 2nd Vocals, Pasi Hyrkkanen on lead guitar and Joona Juntunen on Drums with a reputation for pure aggression and speed with catchy melodies as well as an energetic adrenaline fueled live show. Following a pair of EP in 2016’s “89889595” via Music-Bros studio/Grey Area studio and 2017s “Kahdet Kasvot” (“Two Faces”) via Tainted studio they have released “SisuKastraatio” (“Content Castration”), a two part Double-EP as an album with English and Finnish language songs for our listening pleasure.

Opening with the title track “SisuKastraatio” (“Content Castration”) which has a Trivium esq Melodic Thrash direction in the verse with a classic stompier sound of crossover material in the chorus. A headbangable affair from the very start, it’s one that will get your attention hooked. “Pakkorako” (“Forced Gap”) follows up with a similarly slick sound of relentless riffage and hints of Old school Sepultura influences in the vocal delivery and riffs. Juntunen showcases some serious talent with some impressive cannon esq kit work and the whammy bar solo moment is sublime. “Kehityksen Tielta Kuolet” (“On The Road Of Development, You Will Die”) has an equally thunderous face melting solo and venomous vocals. It doesn’t really matter what those vocals are listening as a non Finnish speaker. In the same way bands like Rammstein have Global appeal with their music alone, TakaLaiton (“Rear Illegal”) are a joy, so if you’re too busy thinking “what are they saying?!” then have another beer and get back to the headbanging! “Sydantalvi” (“In The Depth Of Winter” or “Midwinter”) has some epic lead flourishes and an injection of majestic melody with that classic Iron Maiden inspired feel.

The English language half of the album starts with “Construction to Destruction”, a classic example of a modern take on Bay Area Thrash with updated guitar tones and production. Barked unclean vocals along classic Thrash lyrical themes aren’t a surprise, their raspy snarled nature bringing Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine to mind even though they sound nothing like him. Continuing that flow with “Backstab Society”, which calls out societies Ills with a chugger of main riff and a couple of lethal doseage electric solos. The vitrolic line “Tell me more about the man I should have been” echoes the sentiment of the track while the depth of the dual vocal contrast makes for a solid listen. “Hail To The Hurricane” has some Black Metal elements creeping into the mix and the development of the melodic riffs and atmospheric gives an insight into where the band might be headed in the future if they want to widen their horizons. It’s a epic moment to close on from a band with a lot of potential [7/10]

Track listing

Disc 1:
1. SisuKastraatio
2. Pakkorako
3. Kehityksen Tielta Kuolet
4. Sydantalvi
Disc 2:
5. Construction to Destruction
6. Backstab Society
7. Hail to the Hurricane

“SisuKastraatio I & II” by TakaLaiton is out now

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