The Black Map #88: Blind Summit from Manchester!

After a week away in Edinburgh, we return to Manchester for some Progressive Metal and to check out the work of Alfie Angelini (Vocals), Carl Murphy (Guitars), Tom Wakelin (Bass), Joe Clarkson (Guitar) and Will Windsor (Drums) in Blind Summit. A couple of weeks ago they premiered their first new material since their 2018 debut EP “Subservient” with “Reverie“. Interestingly reading between the lines of their social media posts it seems that the new cut, Mixed and Mastered by Infinite Audio (Oaths, Only The Righteous, Above Our Instinct) is more in keeping with the bands perception of themselves. Citing influences in Meshuggah and The Contortionist, who these days arguably couldn’t be further apart in their Metal soundscape these days, Blind Summit pride themselves on interweaving melodic clean vocals with pummeling rhythmic sections of unified aggression. If the new song and dark music video is anything to go by, then not only will Blind Summit be contenders for the second stage of Tech-Fest 2020, but also be dropping a new EP in time for it!


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