Review: “For The Sick” by Red Method

The Method was painted with his own blood. The Method is Red. We are Red Method and we are coming to make our mark“. Claiming a styles of Metal, Heavy Metal, Tech Metal, Death Metal and even Progressive Metal can be found in their sound, Jeremy Gomez (Vocals), Alex Avdis (Keyboards/ Samples), Fred Myers (Drums), Will Myers (Bass) and guitarist due Quinton Lucion and David Tobin have made a name for themselves playing support slots for the likes of Harbinger and Phil Anselmo and The Illegals as well as appearing at Tech-Fest in 2019. So now via Depraved Records it’s time for their full length debut album “For The Sick“…

…Given the bands chosen look of masks and makeup, you might think that Red Method have something in common with Slipknot, Mudvayne or Mushroomhead and while there is something of that in their sound, from the moment “Cycle Of Violence” kicks in, it’s clear that they have enough to cut their own path with their sharpened machetes. It would lazy to point at vinyl scratches and unpredictable, schizophrenic uncleans vocals bridged in the chorus by some soothing cleans and make a direct finger pointing gesture. The croons have more in common with Alice in Chains than anything else to start with. “Spit” utilizes the same formulation but in a more predictable way than the opening cut, it’s big chugged riffs accompanied by Gomez’s uncleans are solid but the the chorus lacks the lyrical hook to make it a sing-a-long moment. “Messiah” appeared as a single a year ago in February 2019 and has landed 27k of YouTube streams since then. Very Slipknot self titled album influenced, it could easily be a song that that Iowanise would create had their 1999 selves been around in 2020. That being said, it’s cleverly constructed with plenty of tempo shifts and sonic dynamics which, once you’ve seen past those influences, make it a stand out moment.

The sample heavy and creepy as hell “The Narcissist’s Prayer” combines an industrial wrapping over some eerie off spoken word vocals and punchy riffs to horror film effect. That’s a World away from the acoustic introduction of “Ideology Of The Sick” which after its atmospheric moment bursts into blast beats with Gomez in full on rant mode. A pair of clean vocal lines mid song hold back the aggression rather than adding to the atmosphere but fortunately they work better the second time. “Adriel” offers some bouncy riffs that are instant pit fodder and mainstream enough to see the band playing festivals like Download, while the vocal hooks are commercial enough to have mass appeal. By this point in the album, the formula is clear and you’ve already worked out who the killer is, in true Miss Marple style. Not that it’s a bad thing necessarily, the album has an instant appeal to it and will get you headbanging from the off. The issue is whether it will have longevity in repeated listens, simply because it’s predictability is a double edged sword. This cut has a face melter of a solo but you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard it before. Infusing a distorted programmed drum loop with an acoustic guitar for instrumental “Euphoria Of Transformation” gives something that may well end up being a live introduction that brings the band to the stage and is certainly better at the flamenco end than the ugly start.

Vocally abrasive in the opening chorus while referencing the Mitch Lucker “Pull the trigger bitch” t-shirt that was hugely popular with Suicide Silence fans, “My Psychosis” works better with an improved clean vocal chorus while having some impressive lead moments. There is no doubt that Red Method have the talent, they just seem a little short on ideas and wear their influences on their collective sleeves. The closing eerie synth moment sets up what should be the star of the show with Mikee Goodman of SikTh adding a guest vocal to “The Absent“. Fortunately they pull a rabbit of of the hat with this one and showcase some Tech-Metal leaning riffs alongside their usual chugs that ends up being the stand out moment of the album. Yes, “Heart Shaped Box” is a cover of the Nirvana song but Red Method put their own stamp on it by keeping the lyrics and main hook but adding in plenty of double kicks and rolls during the chorus, synths and elevating the riffs to a new level. Obvious single and another obvious stand out moment, especially when Gomez screams “weeeeeeeeeks” [6/10]

Track listing

  1. Cycle Of Violence
  2. Spit
  3. Messiah
  4. The Narcissist’s Prayer
  5. Ideology Of The Sick
  6. Adriel
  7. Euphoria Of Transformation
  8. My Psychosis
  9. The Absent (ft. Mikee Goodman of SikTh)
  10. Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)

For The Sick” by Red Method is out now

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