Review: “Age Of Fire” EP by From Eden To Exile

Three years after their critically acclaimed (Metal Hammer, Terrorizer) debut “Modern Disdain” Northampton based Metallers From Eden To Exile have announced their return with “Age Of  Fire“. The band, vocalist Tom Frankin, guitarist duo Tom Kelland and Joey Jaycock a alongside rhythm section of bassist Mike Bell and Jake Patrick tapped up producer and engineer Neil Hudson of Initiate Audio and Media (Krysthla, Siderian, Sharkteeth Grinder) to assist them in the creation of the EP. Lyrical themes that paint an ominous picture of a not-so-distant desolate future exploited by corrupt leaders and our over-reliance on ever-advancing technology are the order of the day and the band have overcome their fair share to create the opportunity to do it. First, original vocalist Matt Dyne exited stage left to be replaced by Tom Franklin of Garshkott. Then drummer Liam Turland departed to join Krysthla to be replaced by Jake Patrick of Divine Solace and finally bassist Joey Jaycock and guitarist Mike Bell swapped places to finalize the latest and greatest lineup of From Eden To Exile. Our introduction to From Eden To Exile came at UK Tech Fest in 2018. The line-up that year was stacked and having not heard of the band prior to the event, what we witnessed then was a raw and crushing performance that got us hooked. The enforced line-up changes to the band themselves over the past three years could have derailed their train completely, Liam Turland for example is a phenomenal talent to lose, but the replacements have stepped up and made themselves at home to usher in this new age of the band.

The first thing that caught our attention on the opening track “Age Of Fire” was the quality of Jake Patrick’s kit work, perhaps because we were listening out for it, but it’s nothing short of on point. He brings the double kick battery to the table and puts on a powerhouse performance to cement his place on the stool. The overall sound has echos of Bleed From Within and the quality of the solo added to the weight of a surprise burst of Deathcore around the three minute mark and you have yourselves a shore fire winner, forged from the ashes of what once was, rising like a phoenix. Frankin throws in a “Bleigh!” moment in a fierce vocal performance, the quality of which continues throughout. “Face Of Desolation” has a groove metal sinister approach to it that builds into a Sylosis esq riff-a-thon before a thunderous beast from the depths roar from Franklin decimates the weak at the close. Loosely talking about humanities demise at the hands of social media and everyone being ‘connected’ with smartphones, “The Great Disconnect” is a ripper of a cut that throws back to “New American Gospel” by Lamb Of God for its inspirations while modernizing the sound to make it for today. The axe wielding duo are on point with some fine intertwined riffs and exchanges and Franklin certainly has the unclean stylings of Jamie Graham that could see him take this band to greater heights. First appearing back in 2018, “Inhuman” could have not appeared on this release but fortunately it makes the cut as it is a slayer of the herd when it comes to modern Metal cuts. A swirling, brooding atmospheric is maintained throughout but it’s the later half guitar attack that wins the day with a thunderous final gallop that needs to be heard. A just over six minutes “Conspire” has time for it’s epic nature to unfold but make no mistake, this is not a progressive track. Instead a mid song melodic passage with some clean sung, spoken word style vocal lines and an impressive tapped piece of solo work and some more technical riffs bring the lambs to the slaughter [9/10]

Track listing

  1. Age Of Fire
  2. Face Of Desolation
  3. The Great Disconnect
  4. Inhuman
  5. Conspire

Age Of Fire” EP by From Eden To Exile will be released 1st May via Attic Records with pre-orders available here

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