Exclusive Interview: From Eden To Exile talk “Age Of Fire”!

It’s been a long road for Northampton Groove Metallers From Eden To Exile. Having received critical acclaim from everywhere that was anywhere since the release of their debut “Modern Disdain” in 2017 (“Chunky beatdowns and commendable dexterity bubbling through”Metal Hammer, “On debut album ‘Modern Disdain’ the 8 songs on offer are utterly relentless explosions of modern metal that will melt the appropriate body parts when played at the right volume”– Metal Gods TV), a host of line up changes threatened to derail their bullet train. But holding on to their collective hats and riding out the storm, they celebrated the release of “Age Of Fire” via Attic Records yesterday. We had the privilege of catching up with guitarist Joey Jaycock about how it all came together.

How does it feel to finally put out an EP with the new line up? How do you think the changes impacted on the writing process? The EP writing process started back before Tom F officially joined the band on vocals; we hit the studio to record a live version of our track ‘Inhuman’ (check it out on our YouTube channel). When the video was released we made Tom official and then wrote the next 4 tracks once Jake joined the band on drums. Joey had started writing a lot of riffs for guitar and Mike was looking for a new challenge, so they swapped their instruments with Joey taking the guitar and Mike on bass.
We’re extremely happy to have the CD finished, it’s been a long time coming and we’re elated that it’s nearly time to share our hard work!

Having received critical acclaim for “Modern Disdain” did you feel any pressure going into “Age Of Fire“, having set yourself a high bar or as a new line up did it feel like a fresh start? It felt like a fresh start in some ways, but the energy around the writing process remained the same. We spent many weeks getting the new members up to speed with the older tracks and it definitely was worth putting the hours in as we felt much tighter as a unit as we went in to record. There’s always pressure to keep pushing the envelope, but we’re happy with what we’ve created and will continue to figure out ways to evolve as we move onto writing whatever comes next.

What was it like working with Neil Hudson in the production chair? How did he get the best out of your individual performances? Neil’s classic line – “Great take!” deletes take “Now do it again”. He pushes us to the limits and only accepts perfection; you can also really hear that in his band Krysthla; a band who now includes our talented friend and ex-drummer Liam.

We’ve made reference to both Bleed From Within and Lamb Of God as having echos in your material on “Age Of Fire“. How does it feel to be spoken about in the same breath as some of the bigger names in the genre and what were some of the inspirations behind the record?
Some strong names there, we feel very humbled to be in the same sentence. Both bands are definite influencers to our music. We hope that one day we can share our music with as many people and aspire to deliver performances to their quality.

The track “Conspire” is something really epic and different on the EP. How did writing something like that happen and were there any doubts about including it as it is different to the rest of the release? Parts of that song, particularly the lead section toward the end had been written before “Modern Disdain” had even been released and yet it was the last track finished for the EP. Tom K showed up to practice one day with the song completed as a demo track, and we were feeling it straight away. The clean vocals are another example of Neil getting us to push out of our comfort zone and we’re really happy with how it came out on tape.

You must be looking forward to breaking out to play some shows? Do you have any pre-show rituals or post-show musts? Absolutely, we want to show everyone how hard we have worked behind the scenes. It is a slight shame the ‘rona has limited gigging opportunity, but we hope our EP release will alleviate the lockdown boredom and bring some excitement to see us play live again.  

When you do get to play live which songs are you looking forward to playing the most and why?
A hard choice; we each have different favorites! ‘Conspire’ will probably be the most interesting to play live as it is different from the other EP tracks.

Age Of Fire” from Eden To Exile is out now via Attic Records and available over at bancamp.

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