Riff Police! Pull Over! #105: GroundCulture Vs Prong!

Often a band becomes known for that one record that stands head and shoulders above the rest, not necessarily because it was better than any other and sometimes just because it got more attention, radio picked up a song or it got an impressive music video or it was just the right place at the right time whatever. In the case of Tommy Victor’s Prong, their 1994 album “Cleansing” is the one that most people think of when their name gets mentioned. It earned them opening slots for Pantera and Sepultura alike with “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” and “Another Worldly Device” being live favourites to this day, 26 years later. That’s not to underestimate anything else in the bands career, they have some brilliant other albums with 2007’s “Power Of The Damager” being a personal favourite.

When listening to “How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?” by GroundCulture it becomes apparently obvious when “Take My Breath Away” hits that not only is it not as that title suggests a cover of the 80s pop song by Berlin but instead leans on “Another Worldly Device” for its addictive main riff. You’d have to ask guitarists Lewi Shoulder and Mattie Turner from the Newcastle outfit if Prong were an influence but check out this visualizer for the track and see for yourself. Maybe it will earn them an opening slot for Sepultura next time they’re in town…

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