Review: “Into Chaos” by From The Ruins

Formed in Reno Nevada in 2016, From The Ruins are a Thrash Metal quintet of some repute. Having torn up the West Coast with a sound which is built around the machine gun riffing of Chuck Reyome and Scott Schlingheyde, they cite influences in Death Angel, Kreator and Slayer as well as some of the melody and progressive tendencies of early  Savatage and Metal Church. The group is rounded out by vocalist Isaac Wilson and the lethal rhythm section of Jim Wilson (bass) and Robert Landers (drums).

It’s safe to say that Thrash has been well and truly revived over the last couple of years and now lives as Frankenstein’s Monster, often part of the makeup of a bands overall sound rather than being pure and unadulterated. From the opening riffs of “No Honor” it’s pretty obvious that From The Ruins have no time for half breeds as Wilson attacks so called religions which use human shields and slaughter women and children while spreading poison and lies. Those classic Thrash lyrical themes are done justice by the a solid slug of riffs while there are a few Avenged Sevenfold moments in the mix, particularly vocally. “Contract Killer” has a kind of Spaghetti Western introduction to it before letting the throttle out as Wilson plays the role of the protagonist in fine tradition. There are some choice group vocals that will go down well live as they’re easily memorable and chant-able while some of Wilson’s higher pitched moments are as suitably impressive as the lead guitar work. Lyrically crossing over into Power Metal themes “We Fight” also has shades of Iron Maiden within the Thrash sounds. A change of direction that offers up a chant-a-long-able verse with big chunks of group vocals that have Wilson’s voice at the forefront. A rallying call to arms which is a little bit cheesy, after a few beers it will go down very well on the bar Juke box.

Solid lead riffs with an Anthrax vibe “Chaos” is a classic violent war themed cut that which steps up in the final third to one of higher octane whammy bar drops and blistering leads. The fist pumping staccato parts of the first half of the track are solid enough but that cut glass finale turns it into a stand out moment. “Divided” speaks of a new World order controlled by the elite with that sense of paranoia that surrounds conspiracy theories, calling for us to unite against a common enemy it’s a thought provoking cut that plays out in some style. A longer cut that approaches the 7 minute marker, Wilson gives us an extra verse and chorus that perhaps on paper should sound overly long and unnecessary but actually adds rather than taking away. Backing vocals are buried within the mix and could do with being a bit bolder but when you have a powerhouse lead vocalist, it’s easy to give him pride of place. “Eye For An Eye” is the perfect partner for “Contract Killer“, a lyrical sequel in all but chorus and thematically it works perfectly for the bands style and ends the record on a ripper of a note [7.5/10]

Track listing

1. No Honor
2. Contract Killer
3. We Fight
4. Chaos
5. Divided
6. Eye For An Eye

Into Chaos” by From The Ruins is out 24th July via No Life Til Metal Records

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