NEWS: Profanity cover Suffocation’s “Thrones Of Blood”!

…with their new album “Fragments of Solace” just around the corner with pre-orders available over at bandcamp, Profanity guitarist and vocalist Thomas Sartor has paid tribute to his heroes in Suffocation with a cover of “Thrones of Blood“. There is no doubt that he’s stoked to have their guitarist Terrance Hobbs dropping a fierce guest solo on “Ceremony of the Rotten Flesh” which appears on the new album.

Thomas: “One week before the release (4th December 2020) of the 4th Profanity studio album “Fragments of Solace” I just want to give my tribute to Suffocation, a band which always had a great impact on me in terms of motivation, inspiration and also in writing music with/ for Profanity… enjoy listening and watching, many greetings, Thomas.

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