Review: “All Hell Broke Loose” by Huminoid

Originally starting out as a Death Metal act 2017 and evolving over numerous line up changes into a Metallic Hardcore beast that isn’t afraid of boundaries or becoming fixed on a particular style are Huminoid. They cite influence in Hardcore and Metalcore of the late 90’s and early 2000’s and hailing from Manado, Indonesia the quartet of Luky Ibrahim (vocals), Matthias Kaunang (guitars, vocals), Nario Sarayar (bass) and Zacky Jan (drums) went DIY for their debut release “All Hell Broke Loose” with mixing and mastering done in house by Kaunang himself…

…They’re calling this debut EP a demo and it’s easy to see why with the raw quality of the recording and in particular the drum sound, which is on the muddier side of the Somme, however what they lack in equipment, they make up for in endeavor, bringing some high grade Semtex riffs in the vein of Knocked Loose with that Sludge Metal guitar tone of Left Behind. The opening cut “505 // 454” is a short and brutal introduction with Deathcore leanings, particularly vocally while the onslaught of the title track brings more staccato riff moments and a weight of pulverizing percussive sounds. There are also a couple of moments of eerie, haunting and dark programming that run between the tracks that gives it a Loathe feel before the savage gallop of “Drown In Your Crave” asks all the right questions with the loose feeling of a live recording. It might be a demo, but it is sure as hell going to attract plenty of attention and should the right ears hear it’s abrasions… [8/10]

Track listing

  1. “505 // 454”
  2. “All Hell Broke Loose”
  3. “Drown In Your Crave”

All Hell Broke Loose” by Huminoid is out now and available over at bandcamp

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