Review: “Mass Destruction Media” by Stonedrift

Inspired by bands like Pantera, Biohazard and Machine Head and cutting Groove Metal with Sludge Metal and Hardcore punk, Stonedrift hail from Reggio Emilia, Italy. Forming in 2007 they have been through several line up changes and now comprise Emiliano Dalcomune (Vocals), Enrico Ascari (Lead Guitar), Luca Cigarini (Rhythm Guitar), Valerio Larcier (Bass, formerly Coffee Overdrive and Karmian) Massimiliano Marri (Drums, voice of Dominance and Unscarred Italian Pantera Tribute), the axis of evil that is Ascari and Marri being the sole original members. It’s been a decade since their 2010 demo “The smell of Sweat Smoke and Alcohol“…

…Stonedrift specialise in 90’s Groove Metal with the distinct vibe of bands like Pissing Razors about them from the very start of “Strike the Blood“, Dalcomune’s accented English vocals clearly inspired by the Philip H. Anselmo in the way that he phrases the lyrics but having enough of his own swagger to carry it off on style. There is plenty of nostalgia for the 90s bands and Stonedrift join the likes of Canadians Triple Murder in paying homage to them with “Eclipse of lies” stomping and punching like a middle weight boxer without quite having the bite of the opening cut. The lyrical theme behind the song then flows into “River of insanity“, which is essentially one of not giving up on your dreams and standing up for what you believe in. Little drops from Groove Metal into Hardcore Punk before switching back again are a continuous theme that run throughout “Mass Destruction Media” and gives the band their own unique spin, the transitions between them being well worked. The stand out cut here is “Dead by dawn“, which has a dark spoken word and calls for the re-ignition of the fires within with moments of Soulfly from 1998, especially the music that surrounds the lyric “Rise Up! Find yourself!” before a tasteful solo. An anthem that has the typically Thrash lyrical themes of corruption and paranoia “Tools of Fear” has the fist pumping gang chanted chorus that delivers the punch that is needed [7/10]

1. Strike the blood
2. Eclipse of lies
3. River of insanity
4. Dead by dawn
5. Tools of fear

Mass Destruction Media” by Stonedrift is out 6th November via Volcano Records

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