Review: “Turn Dangerous” by Street Soldier

After a trio of independent releases (2018’s “One Man Gang” and “Hard Mentality” alongside 2019’s “Northern Hate“) York Beatdown Hardcore quartet Street Soldier announced their signing to Rucktion Records for their fourth studio affair. But some things don’t change and as usual they recorded at Raincity Studios in Salford Manchester with Gav Brady who also mixed and mastered. Any fan of Street Soldier will pretty much know what to expect at this point after a pair of singles with music videos by Loki Films appeared in the build up. So while the previous 9 tracks across those 3 EP’s offer plenty of material to get into the mosh pit to and singles “One Man Gang” and “Bully Basher” from their debut EP remain the quartet’s highest streamed output on Spotify, it seems unlikely that the band would do anything far and away different. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

The 45 second single verse intro piece that is “Here It Is” sees that classic Street Soldier vocal play off between Scotty Hall and drummer Laurie ‘Drill Sgt’ Caudwell that lets you know it’s time to hit the pit before the 90’s Hardcore aesthetic of “Punishment” by Biohazard resonates from the opening bars of “Turn Dangerous“. Those churning, menacing riffs from Ollie Altham are on point and Hall even manages Slam esq pig squeal during a mid track tempo shift up into a breakdown that will wake you up faster than an adrenaline shot. A couple of reggae vocal moments inject a bit of fun along with a two step riff closing. A play on tempo changes “Boot Off (Ready For War)” is a fire that burns out of control as Street Soldier gallop out of the blocks at full pelt and then progressively drop to that low and slow that you might expect from a downtempo Deathcore unit. Chanted vocals will go down well live with a headbanging, fist pumping attitude while another Slam squeal lights the blue touch paper.

The second half of the record again throws down the gauntlet with “So Sickening” a short, abrasive rager of politically and socially aware undertones, a middle finger to the system from which the band are spawned with furious intent. The clanky Metal bass of Cameron Bland giving everything a real gravity. No stranger to a guest spot “Straight Up Murda” sees Don Campan of Waking The Cadaver and Dan Crossley of Gassed Up get on board and lend their throats to a track of violent intent and mosh pit bounce. The Deathcore break of the verse of which Campan spills his guts is skull crushing and Hall also weighs in with a couple of screams of his own. Arguably the heaviest cut in the bands carrier although having Steve Regan from Annotations of an Autopsy on “Bossman” is right up there, it seems that Street Soldier are more than happy to share stages with heavier bands. “Crew Don’t Run” is the biggest surprise with a Hardcore Punk edge and some funky bass moments that break up the flow of pure vented aggression. Simple, effective and a damn good time, Street Soldier make Beatdown Hardcore look effortless and this new EP has a little bit more sheen [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Here It Is
  2. Turn Dangerous
  3. Boot Off (Ready For War)
  4. So Sickening
  5. Straight Up Murda (ft. Don Campan  of Waking The Cadaver and Dan Crossley of Gassed Up)
  6. Crew Don’t Run

Turn Dangerous” by Street Soldier is out now via Rucktion Records

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