NEWS: Vexed have their moment of “Epiphany”?

Following first single “Hideous“, London Progressive Deathcore quartet Vexed have chosen “Epiphany” to highlight why they are heavyweight contenders for the crown with frontwoman Megan Targett’s multi-faceted clean vocal delivery juxtaposed with otherworldly auras, resonating, melodic rhythms and a bold message. Both cuts appear on the bands debut album “Culling Culture” which will drop via the almighty Napalm Records on 21st May. Pre-orders are available here.


The band comment: “Learning to love and accept yourself can be an uphill struggle, especially in a world where people online are free to pick apart every inch of you. Epiphany is a vulnerable yet cutthroat track about falling victim to self-loathing, battling mental illness, and finally discovering how to not give a f*** about what anyone thinks of you.

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