NEWS: Vitriol lament “The Parting Of A Neck”!

The cancellation of the Slaying Steel Over Europe tour that would have seen Kirsun, Gruesome and Vitriol together for a month of shows was one of the bigger disappointments to come out of the year of the Great Plague and we hope that if can be resurrected at some point in the future. In the mean time using live performance footage, the bands label Century Media have given us a video for their serial killer inspired classic “The Parting Of A Neck” to rub salt in the wound and remind us of what we missed out on.

“Being this far along in a world without live music we’re feeling especially grateful that Dylan (producer) did such a beautiful job immortalizing this performance from our last tour. The Parting of a Neck has always been a special song for us and has since grown only more significant. The song debuted as a couch-bound playthrough and seeing it get the live treatment at this point feels like the perfect way to punctuate a long period of striving. A true then and now. Vitriol offers tremendous thanks to those of you who have shown your support in these formative times. We are hard at work on what’s next,” states Vitriol frontman Kyle Rasmussen.

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