Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Linkin Park!

Is there going to come a time at which the Linkin Park covers flowing from every angle reach saturation point? Linkin Park and Chester Bennington meant so much to millions of people that everyone wants to pay their respects and personal tributes and rightly so, so the answer to that should be a resounding “no“. It’s fair to say that like Nirvana and Pantera the band have influenced a generation of musicians and if that is ever lost in translation then just check out the tunes and you’ll soon realise why.


In the Red Corner this week we have Los Angeles California based Alternative Metal quartet Inner Echo who did the unthinkable and broke the 200k Spotify streams milestone with their debut single “The Demon Inside” in just seven weeks before choosing “Pushing Me Away” as their second single. In the Blue Corner we have Brazilian pianist Bruna who has been releasing her own interpretations of everything from Slipknot to Papa Roach as well as her own material under the moniker SeraMoura. Who wins? You decide!

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