The Black Map #162: Akkadian from Cambridge!

After two weeks in London we head to Cambridge for this week’s entry in the Black Book of the UK Underground Metal scene and to a band that have a retina threateningly bright future ahead of them. When people talk about Metal bands with themes of Ancient Egyptians one might think of the Power Metal tinged “Power Slave” by Iron Maiden or even the much delayed forthcoming “Forsaken Dynasty” by Blasphemous Creation. But in the case of Cambridge based Akkadian that themeology isn’t just limited to the one album, it’s the the bedrock of their entire existence. Taking their name from the ancient Mesopotamian Empire, the quintet have been musing on the ancient civilizations of the Sumerians and Egyptians while touching on Inter-dimensional travel and beings, something which runs deep within the mystery of both cultures, since their inception in 2018. Releasing singles “Black Sand” and “Emanation” a year later with vocalist Danny Thurston, guitarists Harry Newberry and Florian Fize creating for themselves a solid live reputation when standing alongside their rhythm section of bassist Chris Kontos and drummer Aaron Wright on stages they have shared with the likes of Gutlocker, Seek The Fallen and Akilla. Having dropped another absolute necksnapper in “Agenda” a few months back, they’re ones to watch as we very much see them as future Tech-Fest and Bloodstock debutants.

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