Playthrough: “Circle With Me” from Spiritbox!

Giving us four singles with their album “Eternal Blue” not due until 17th September might seem a bit of a risk but with the clamour for material from Spiritbox at an all time high, it is definitely a well calculated move and should you partake in their pre-order campaign here you can get all four of those cuts immediately. So how then to continue to promote the record over the next three months or so before it is released? Well  guitarist Mike Stringer performing “Circle With Me” using the new Neural DSP Quad Cortex and an Aristides 070SR with Lundgren M7 pickups is one way. He’s recorded the track live utilizing a capture of the Omega Granophyre 100 watt head at The Hallway Studios in Los Angeles, California with the help of Alex Bemis.

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