Track Review: “Plain Sight” by Crostpaths

After the sonic mash up that is their EP “Mutated” which saw Crostpaths take to the skies like freerunners leaping between tower blocks of Alternative and Nu-Metal genres back in November you might have expected to see the band take to the stage and perhaps appear at a BBC Introducing night. But in these strange times they were pretty much left with two choices. First, record some live cuts in the basement and throw them out to internet land for the masses to view. Second, get back into the studio groove and graft at some new material. They chose the latter and have unleashed a new single in “Plain Sight“…

…and not only that but they have got a trio of guest vocalists on board for it with Adam Ramey of Dropout Kings, Conor Moore of Hessian Renegade and Jot Maxi of Hacktivist each taking their fair share of the limelight on a cut which screams late 90’s early 2000’s vibes. Underpinned by programming and some Electronicore touches there is an undeniable sense of pulsating energy that flows through the cut which could easily be a remix of something else rather than an original piece. Sonically it seems to take inspiration from bands like Pitchshifter, Crazy Town and Enter Shikari with a sense of self deprecation and drug use littering the lyrics but somehow escaping any kind of woe is me vibe, instead sounding like something that resonates. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Crostpaths have a future so bright it will burn your retinas on the Alternative scene [7/10]

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