Throwback: “Facebreaker” from Divine Heresy!

In a parallel universe, Dino Cazares never returned to Fear Factory and left the “Transgression” era of the Los Angeles Metallers to soldier on, instead continuing on with Travis Neal, Tim Yeung and the sadly now departed Joseph Reece Payne in Divine Heresy, a project that he built from the ground up to release two albums in 2007’s “Bleed The Fifth” and 2009’s “Bringer Of Plagues“. What would that future look like in 2022? It would certainly be a different World to the one we have now. Returning to reality with a reminder of just how good Divine Heresy were, here’s the opening cut “Facebreaker” from what could be their final album recorded at Edge of the Earth Studios, Hollywood, California with Logan Mader (Machine Head, Once Human) in the producers chair and a guest appearance from regular Fear Factory collaborator Rhys Fulber.

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