Exclusive Interview: Spoiler talk “Modern Messiah” and Blood Blast Distribution!

Charting the rise of Essex based Nu-Metalcore outfit Spoiler from their formation in 2020 through five singles to signing with Nuclear Blast imprint label Blood Blast Distribution and seeing them at one for their first live shows at The Black Heart in Camden in January has been an absolute pleasure and the very definition of what Metal Noise has been about since our own humble beginnings in 2017. So it’s only natural that as new single “Modern Messiah” makes its presence felt, we should have a chat with them about recent happenings…

Firstly we have to say congratulations on signing to Blood Blast Distribution, the Nuclear Blast imprint label. How does it feel to have the support of a major player in your corner? We’re stoked to be releasing alongside such a well established label. Some of our favourite bands are part of the Nuclear Blast roster, so to have them in our corner is a huge honour, even if only in a distributor role, & who knows? Maybe in the future we could join the full roster

The spoken word almost rap moment towards the end of new cut “Modern Messiah” is a real head turner that gives the track a real sense of balance against the brutal lows. How did the idea for that element come about? Did you feel any sense of jeopardy by taking a risk and doing something different with it? We’ve always wanted to experiment with our music and push boundaries, whilst clearly channeling our inspirations. With Modern Messiah we wanted to show love to the nu-metal generation, as well as modern artists like CORPSE HUSBAND. With such a wide variety of heavy music available now, you have to be able to stand out and offer something different

We heard “Modern Messiah” ahead of time as you premiered it during the live shows that broke your duck in January. Being a new band and playing shows, what’s it like to watch people react to music they haven’t heard before because it hasn’t been released yet? The reception to our introduction to the live scene has been nothing short of incredible. Forming the band when we did, we had to wait a LONG time to debut, during which we went through various changes as a band that helped us to find our true sound. Reactions to unreleased material have been overwhelmingly positive, even towards some of the more surprising tracks yet to be released – we’re now even more excited to drop these tracks!

The new single is pure fire and wears some of your influences on its sleeve. We’ve mentioned flavours of KoRn and Fear Factory bringing the Nu-Metal element despite the Deathcore and DJent leanings but who would you say are your influences this time around? Programming has been heard on previous cuts but is more prominent on the new single, so is there a bit of love for the Industrial Metal side of things? Obviously there’s a lot of influence from KORN, and the aforementioned CORPSE HUSBAND. There’s also a lot of influence from DARKO & TEN56, two bands who have exploded onto the nu-deathcore scene in the last few years. We don’t actually listen to a lot of Industrial Metal, but I suppose some of the influences leak through the bands that influenced us

On a side note, now Will Cattanach has switched from guitars to vocals, is he still doing any guitar work in the writing and recording phase? Are there any plans for him to play any live guitars in the future? Will is still a massive part of the writing & recording process for SPOILER. He’s ALWAYS writing; I’m not joking when I say there is a CONSTANT flow of new music being thrown around in the SPOILER camp. As of right now, there is no plans for Will to play guitar live, although if the situation calls for it we have the option, which is a nice thing to have

What’s next for Spoiler? We’re hoping to be able to announce some big things soon, including more shows & details on future releases. All I can say is stay tuned…

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