NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm sign with Century Media and unveil “Unbridled”!

Four albums into their careers Pittsburgh Deathcore Monsters Signs Of The Swarm have announced their signing with Century Media in style with a bombshell of a new single in “Unbridled“. The first since the highly ambitious “Absolvere”, a record that saw them experiment with bleak moods, downtempo grooves and ethereal moments, it seems that their prowess has earned them the right to sit beside Suicide Silence at the Kings table.

The band comment on the single: “To commemorate our signing with Century Media, we wanted to offer something truly special – ‘Unbridled’. This track is a taste of everything that we have to offer, reaching for new levels of intensity and keeping what makes us SOTS. If you like riffs, blast beats, and breakdowns… don’t skip this one. Lyrically, we want to reach out to our fans from a different perspective in hopes that the song pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Channelling fear, aggression and defeat into a single track, ‘Unbridled’ is a violent and energetic piece that we expect you to bang your head to.”

And on the signing: “For SOTS, 2021-2022 has been a time of growth and change. We released our latest record last year and knew that we had to hit the road hard. Since that time we’ve performed over 200 times in at least 15 countries, which gave us a very unique opportunity. The band went out searching for the perfect fit to match our vision, and once we met with the Century Media team it was an instant sync. We chose this time to announce our partnership – after we completed our hefty tour schedule around the globe and joined forces with GoodFight MGMT – so that we can bring you the very best that we have to offer. With that said, we are pleased to release our latest single and music video, ‘Unbridled’ to celebrate this next chapter of Signs of the Swarm! With a bright future in sight, we are proud to be a part of the Century Media family and cannot wait to show you more of what we have been up to.”

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