Throwback: “Calvert Street” from I Killed The Prom Queen!

In 2014 the return of one of Australia’s most important Metalcore outfits I Killed The Prom Queen for one final album in “Beloved” is one that eight years on today we celebrate. An interesting choice in many respects, it’s a reincarnation of the oldest of Metalcore sounds from a band who only featured one original member by the time the album arrived in guitarist Jona Weinhofen, although to be fair his axe wielding cohort Kevin Cameron was only a year behind. Recorded in 2013 with Fredrik Nordström (Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Opeth), the album dropped a year later with guest appearances from Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork and Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside marking it a bold and ultimately final offering from a band who rose alongside Parkway Drive. There was always the feeling that they never quite lived up to their full potential despite having all the talent required due to their inability to maintain a stable line up… So here’s “Calvert Street” to remind you what they were all about.

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