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Review: “Compelled To Suffer” by Harbinger

London based Harbinger are a band we’ve watch rise to a force to be reckoned with over the past few years. From seeing them at a dive bar supporting Loathe in front of 50 or so people in 2017 to playing in front of a packed main stage at UK Tech-Fest that summer, they’ve gone

Playthrough: “Darkest Days” from Harbinger!

Recorded at their headlining show at Manchester Rebellion on 22nd September, here’s Drum Cam footage of Harbinger sticksman Joel Scott performing the bands latest single “Darkest Days”. The track was closely followed by them laying down an Avenged Sevenfold cover for Metal Hammer Magazine. If you haven’t already, check out the bands current release “Human

Interview: Tom Gardner from Harbinger!

We had the pleasure of having a pint with Harbinger frontman Tom Gardner at Upsurge Festival and were lucky enough to get him to agree to answer a few questions for us in the first of a new series of exclusive interviews. We’re big fans, having seen the band on tour with Loathe and then putting

Playthrough: “Darkest Days” from Harbinger!

London’s Harbinger have released a guitar playthrough for March single “Darkest Days” that sees Ben Sutherland, Charlie Griffiths & Kris Aarre play the songs guitar parts in drop C tuning. The band will join A Night In Texas for UK run in August. Harbingers current EP “Human Dust” is out now via Basick Records.

Playthrough: “The Darkness Of June” drums from Harbinger!

Taken from their second EP “Human Dust” out now via Basick Records, Harbinger have released a drum playthrough from Joel Scott for their single “The Darkness  Of June”. The band recently completed a co-headlining run with Sunderland’s Osiah and are currently working on new material to complement recently released single “Darkest Days”. The playthough was recorded

NEWS: “The Darkness of June” video from Harbinger!

London’s Harbinger have released a music video via Basick Records for “The Darkness of June” taken from their “Human Dust” EP released this summer. It’s been a huge year for the band who played the main stage at UK Tech-Fest before completing a UK tour with Liverpool’s Loathe.