Riff Police! Pull Over! #7: Wage War Vs Slipknot

When Des Moines Iowa was put firmly on the map  by Slipknot and their album “Iowa” in 2001, “The Heretic Anthem” was one of the highlights. Joey Jordison’s pummelling drum sounds alongside Jim Root and Mick Thompson’s blistering guitar work with that distinct flourish of a band at the height of their game. As Slipknot songs go, it has to be one of the most memorable.

Fast forward some 16 years to 2017 and Wage War‘s album “Dead Weight”.  How the band, producer, mixer, engineer or any other Fearless Records employee failed to notice the potential for legal action from Roadrunner Records over “Disdain”, we will never know. It’s so similar, as “Iowa” fans writing the album review for “Dead Weight”, we found ourselves singing the chorus for “The Heretic Anthem”. This is the Riff Police! Pull Over!


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