The Artwork That Should Not Be #3: “Sexorcism” by Lordi

Released in late May via AFM Records and described as “controversial” is “Sexorcism” by Finnish Hard Rockers Lordi. That’s correct, the band that won that won the Eurovision song contest with “Hard Rock Hallelujah” 12 years prior got down and dirty. Often accused of ripping off Gwar with their appearance, Kiss with their sound and Rob Zombie with their stage show, Lordi are they’re no strangers to the criticism.

The album is down and dirty, taking the work of Steel Panther to a new level and while the lyrics are funny in a juvenile kind of way, we find ourselves questioning if the art work belongs in 2018. It has to be said that it is something of a 60’s throwback. The figure of the provocative demonic female in the school girl dress perhaps a reference to AC/DC. But it seems to be taken that bit too far on purpose in an irresponsible kind of way. There isn’t really a place for this and when your band are style over substance, shouldn’t it be time to call it a day? Give in to the likes of Jinjer who could happily crush anything your band can produce in the palm of their hands? Lordi have had their 15 minutes of fame and now it’s time to leave the stage.

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