The Black Map #50: Confronted from Chichester!

…with members from Chichester and nearby Worthing, Confronted are a Metallic Hardcore sound that crosses over Metal, Thrash and Hardcore to create a sound based on the influences of Hatebreed, The Chariot and Pantera. They’re a band well known on the underground circuit for their chaotic live show, featuring flying guitars, amplifier leaping, thrown drums and even blood! 2016 saw their self-titled EP appear, a 5 song, 14 minute… well, the final track “Means to an End” is 5 minutes and 6 seconds… affair that sees a guest appearance from a guest appearance from Connor Cottrell on “Against Them All” that raises the roof! The band will be joining Cork City’s Bailer for a run of shows in May before competing in Metal 2 The Masses Heat #6 at The Green Door Store in Brighton for a chance to play at this summer’s incarnation of Bloodstock!

“Self Titled” by Confronted is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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