Exclusive Interview: Remzi Kelleci of Obszön Geschöpf!

Last November we reviewed the 8th studio album “Master Of Giallo” by Obszön Geschöpf which features a stellar all star guest list of musicians… To be precise, 46 international guests musicians, including ex-Megadeth pair James Lomenzo and Glen Drover, former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolber and Cradle Of Filth‘s Daniel Firth. It’s an album produced by Zeuss with artwork from Mario Lopez around main man Remzi Kelleci. So we asked Remzi what inspired him to create the music of Obszön Geschöpf which last year celebrated 20 years! Here’s what he said…

“First I’m a child of the 80’s born in the north of France in Boulogne sur Mer. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bananarama… Of course I did not escape the New beat / ebm / euro dance tsunami that swept through Belgium but also in the north of France in the late 80s.This had a huge impact in Og for the electro parties.  Like many  I’m from the MTV generation and grew up between YO MTV RAPPS and HEADBANGERS BALL in the early 90’s.
I must also mention that the Metal scene in the north of France was already prosperous even in the early 90s thanks to labels such as Osmose productions, Evil Omen or Listenable. I was completely addicted to this scene (all styles of metal).”

“Secondly, I must tell you that I am the most nostalgic person in the universe and that musically (with a few exceptions) my life stopped in 1997. The music has changed (and that in all styles) and I hate all these new sounds. To conclude, all these influences can be found on the same album of OG. The rule is that there is no rule. Hip hop, metal, new jack, newbeat ebm or all at once, it does not matter. It will just be pure old school !!!”

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