Review: “Expansion of Reality” EP by Grim Existence

Hailing from of all places Newton Abbot Devon are a five piece Metal band that are in equal measure Hardcore, Death Metal and Trash and looking to bring devistation to the nation by painting your town red after a 4 year absence. Recorded in January 2019 by Rich Robinson at Big Red Studios (RIP), “Expansion of Reality” is the sophomore EP from Grim Existence!

Soaked in feedback “Intro” is actually a full tune rather than some short introduction piece with some solid riffs and a fine gutteral unclean to boot. If you want an old school crossover Thrash Hardcore track with some classic lead pick downs this is where you come. It takes no prisoners and makes no apologies for it’s tone setting that says simply, that we’re back to burn your house down. Get ready. “Expansion of Existence” keeps the same thunderous guitar tones and impressive kit work of the opening tune and makes for a fine Thrash-ter-piece of a cut with some hardcore swagger. The menacingly growled unclean bark has plenty of bite and if you’re not nodding along to the slow headbang of this before the blast beat section brings things to a close, then you must be some immovable granite object. The melodic and perhaps melloncholic start of “Chambers Echo” may catch you off guard but it’s short lived because when it all kicks in, the big riffs and pounding kit work bring everything home with the kind of Sludge Metal riff that Crowbar main man Kirk Windstein would be proud of. Make no mistake, you couldn’t have a mellowed out chill out tune with the ferociously savage unclean vocals that exist here. Switching over to some slower breakdown heavy riffs for the closing, this EP is a fine statement piece. For the third time this week, it’s time for that Oliver Twist moment. “Please Sir, can we have some more?” Let’s start out by having more shows with Road Mutant and Inhuman Nature! [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Expansion of Existence
  3. Chambers Echo

“Expansion of Existence” is out now and available over at bandcamp


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