Review: “Northern Hate” EP by Street Soldier

Street Soldier have made no secret of what they’re all about. A bit of Grime, a bit of Beatdown Hardcore and even a bit of Slam, their third three track EP (behind “One Man One Gang” and “Hard Mentality”) was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gavin Brady at Raincity Studios, Salford, Manchester and is entitled “Northern Hate”. It features an appearance from York Beatdown Hardcore quartet Annotations of An Autopsy frontman Steve Regan as their first guest and leading to the bands completing a tour together. Street Soldier frontman Scotty Hall also appears on “Murder” from the recently released “World of Sludge” EP from Annotations of an Autopsy by way of a trade off.

The aforementioned “Bossman” literally kicks things into life with bludgeoning rhythmic Metallic Hardcore grove riffage and a very crisp drum sound with Laurie “Drill Sgt.” Caldwell burying the kit after a savage beating. Regan adds Deathcore weight to the track with some caustic unclean vocals that create a fantastic contrast to Hall’s. There are hints at Biohazard but also the likes of Stampin’ Ground in the sound of the track and if you’re not at least headbanging to this need to get yourself checked in for a hearing test. A couple of gear shifts up and down in tempo lose none of the momentum. Title track “Northern Hate” is a fist pumping rage-athon with some downtempo breakdowns while lyrically keeping things in with the Hardcore staples of pride, family and unity. A clever twist sees the downtempo grooves end at the 90 second mark and then move into a bass heavy Hardcore Punk leaning section that at first you might think is another track for a final verse flourish to great effect. Launching itself head first into your ear drums like a crowd surfer at one of the bands shows “Grim Up” gets off to a breakneck start before dropping off and returning again. A track about maintaining self control and self discipline in the face of adversity, it’s another pounding affair that is going to be a live favourite. The backing vocals from sticksman Caldwell are a feature of the bands live show and keeping them on on the recording adds a charm while use of the word “nonce” is always going to crack a smile. Street Soldier are here to stay [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Bossman ft. Steve Regan
  2. Northern Hate
  3. Grim Up

“Northern Hate” by Street Soldier is out now and available via bandcamp

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