NEWS: Hedonihil approach “Shattered Mindscapes”!

Introducing a new vocalist is never easy. Usually bands can get away with swapping out any other member of a band providing they stick to their guns in terms of their overall sound approach but there is no hiding a new face when the voice you hear isn’t the one you’re expecting. So how best to approach it? In the case of Hedonihil, a nihilistic Death Metal project lead by Juuso Raatikainen (Swallow the Sun, Endless Forms Most Gruesome), the choice has been to unveil new vocalist Decay with a new single to prove his worth. That new song is “Shattered Mindscapes” which follows 2019 debut album, titled “I” which introduced the band’s Blackened Death Metal sound in vein of Marduk, Craft and Morbid Angel. In spring 2021 the follow up album, “II – Symptomatic” will continue their misanthropic saga and you can find out more over at bandcamp.

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