NEWS: Currents push their fingers into their eyes…

When the touring cycles start up once more the Impericon Never Say Die Tour will be storming across Europe in November with Polaris, Emmure, Spite and Gravemind to name but a few taking the stage together. Another one of those bands is Currents, who have chosen to take a minute and remind us of their impressive current album “The Way It Ends” by getting Chris Klumpp on board to direct a music video for “Kill The Ache“.

The band comnent: “Kill the Ache is about detachment and the experience of dark thoughts in bright moments. We thought that showcasing the beauty of our home area while visually representing some central themes would be a great accompaniment to the song.This track has become a sneaky fan-favorite, so we thought we’d give it a spotlight for those who may not have heard it yet“.

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