Playthrough: “Hideous” #2 from Vexed!

The second playthrough video for “Hideous“, the first single from the upcoming debut album “Culling Culture” from Luton Deathcore titans Vexed sees the camera switch from 8 string guitars to drums. 21st May is the date that Napalm Records have chosen for the beast to be uncaged so we can expect at least two more singles between now and then while the probability of a bass playthrough for “Hideous” isn’t something that book makers will give odds on at this point. Our thoughts have been on why the bands singles “Dominate” and “Elite” don’t appear on the record despite the success of them being influential in landing Vexed as major label deal. Perhaps it’s in the small print of getting CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder on board as it seems unlikely that the band would stop playing those songs live any time soon…

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