Playthrough: “Misery” from Vexed!

Even with just a week to go before the debut album from London Progressive Deathcore quartet Vexed hits the mat on 21st May via Napalm Records, we’re still pinching ourselves in disbelief. After all, you only need look at the tour poster from October 2019 that shows them playing a show at The Phoenix Bar at in High Wycombe with In Depths to understand their meteoric rise in that time. As fantastic as The Phoenix Bar has been at being a live space for underground Metal, you can do a spin kick in the Mosh Pit and touch both walls. Each single for “Culling Culture” has been given multiple playthrough videos and “Misery” is no different, this time out drummer Willem Mason-Geraghty hammering it out impressively. Highly anticipated is the record in these parts. Review forthcoming. Watch this space. Beer? Yes mate. Guinness. J├Ągermeister chaser. Lets go!

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