Rabidfest 2022: Breaking Down The Bands #12: The Grand Mal!

Who? What? Where? Why? We hear you ask. Lets lay the facts bare before the court. This years incarnation of Rabidfest will take place over the weekend of 5th and 6th November 2022 at The Bullingdon in Oxford with 20 (count ’em) bands taking to the Devolution Magazine sponsored main stage. So that’s three of your questions answered in one sentence. The why? Well because who doesn’t love back to back days of wall to wall Metal washed down with your favourite beverage while screaming along to the tunes with your mates? Note: If you don’t enjoy any of those things then you probably ought to stop reading this and go and make yourself an appointment to see the Doctor so you can find out what the hell is wrong with you. Not. Even. Joking. We’ve crossed over the threshold with the twelfth band of this feature which can only mean one thing. There is no going back. So lets have it. *ahem*

5th November is going to be a special day for The Grand Mal because at this years incarnation of Radidfest, a home town show for the Oxford natives, they’re going to be unveiling their sophomore album, making their set a launch party. The follow up to 2019’s self titled album which dropped via APF Records from a band who feature members of Desert Storm, WALL, Möther Cörona and My Diablo in the ranks is going to be quite literally released the day before the show. If it’s predecessor is anything to go by then expect downtuned Desert Rock riffs with swagger and attitude, driving rhythms and Progressive Groove laden fuzz that sounds like it has been influenced by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Karma To Burn and Monster Magnet in equal measure. What’s not to like? We’re expecting new cuts and pre-orders to appear from the band in the not too distant future but in the meantime, you can find their current record over at bandcamp.

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Get your tickets here -> https://www.rabidfest.co.uk

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