Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! In The End.

Are there now more Linkin Park covers in the World than there are original Linkin Park songs? There must be. Such has been the outpouring of love for Chester Bennington since his tragic death. The undisputed Kings of Nu-Metal and the introspective lyric may never reform in his absence but there are plenty who would gladly pay tribute or help the band do just that should they so desire at some point in the future, no doors are locked, no windows are closed.

So to our head to head. We have two versions of the classic that is “In The End” to place in the bear pit in a metaphorical fight to the death. In the Red Corner we haveĀ The Bunny The Bear. Hailing from Buffalo New York their eccletic style has seen them leaping from Post-Hardcore to Rock, Pop and Electronica over eight albums. In the Blue Corner we have Serene who did a classic Punk goes Pop style cover and were famously joined by Marcus Bridge from Northlane for one called “Indestructible“. Who Wins? You decide!

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