NEWS: Third Wave of bands for Summer Bash 666: Hell In Hawaii from Mercury’s Well!

“We’re leavin’ together, But still it’s farewell, And maybe we’ll come back, To Earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame, We’re leaving ground (leaving ground), Will things ever be the same again? It’s the final countdown.”

As the headline says, a third and final wave of band have been announced by Reading Progressive Death Metal Kings Mercury’s Well for this years incarnation of Summer Bash (subtitled 666: Hell In Hawaii). That takes the line up to 10 incredible bands you can witness on Saturday 13th July at The Facebar in Reading with the accompaniment of inflatables, Hawaiian shirts and all the drinks you can manage not to spill while partaking in a little two step action. So without further, much ado about nothing, here’s the all important line up in full:

Wallowing (headliner)
A Night In The Abyss
Mercury’s Well
Them Bloody Kids
El Chapo
Chaos Theory

As with last years event, Mercury’s Well won’t actually be headlining Hell In Hawaii. Instead they’ll be getting sweaty in the mosh pit as Brighton’s very own  Blackened Sludge Doom Metal operatives Wallowing take to the stage. They’ll be armed for the apocalypse with cuts from last years “Earth Reaper” album, a record which finds the five piece who feature King Goat drummer Jon Wingrove and Tombgrinder multi instrumentalist in their ranks at the height of their Science Fiction horror game.

…with an album in “Test Of Time” waiting in the wings for a 28th June release that has already seen singles “Acid“, “Fear & Fortune” and “Stoic” unveiled ahead of time, London Progressive Metal three piece Maziac will want to make Summer Bash a day to remember. They’ve been around the block a few times including playing Tech-Fest and sharing stages with Confessions Of A Traitor, Seething Akira and Thrasher Wolf you know that isn’t going to be a challenge. The question is, can everyone else keep up?

Originally formed in 1990 as “Slug“, unholy Stoner Metal trio Slug13 returned 20 years later in 2013 and have since dropped a live album, a full length and no less than five EPs in anger as they make up for lost time. Their last record, 2022’s “Nosedive” is half an hour of power you’re never going to forget, so you can expect the ground to shake beneath your feet as they unfurl their wings and take to flight on riffs fit for worship…

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