Review: “Self-titled” EP from Murkov

Having someone that looks like Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Batman nemesis Scarecrow gracing the cover of your self titled EP could be a reference to Evil, your Mental State or the style of your band. South West Florida natives Murkov have done exactly that with their Forerunner Recordings release. So let’s check it out.

“Ruminations” is an 80 second burst of instumental Metallic Hardcore riffage with a hint of Kublai Khan‘s sound that punches hard. The clean drum sound means you feel ever hit. Lifting into opening track proper “Wrath” which Juggernauts through some Melodic Deathcore riffage and blast beats that amps up everything the intro had to offer. Some gear shifting tempo drops are perfectly timed with stuccato riffage breakdowns and brutal unclean vocals with a serious amount of weight to them. It crosses the boarder of Metallic Hardcore and Melodic Deathcore several times before coming to a crushing closing.

“Scorn” features a guest appearance from James Lewis of Tampa Florida Progressive Death Metallers Nomvidic. The band use the influence to take on some Blackened Deathcore riffage and bastardize their sound to great effect. Crushingly heavy vocals and driven riffs are accompanied by some pummelling kit work with the pitch difference between the vocalists giving an extra, vicious bite. “Brother Dread” brings back more of a Metallic Hardcore sound with the riffs while continuing the Deathcore vocal onslaught. Slowing things down for some atmospheric guitar wizardry that builds into an eerie solo is a killer touch, while the full throttle ending is blast beat heaven. “Gutter” sees former Signs of the Swarm and current Lorna Shore vocalist CJ McCreery get in on the action for one of what is fast becoming a big pile of guest appearances. After some eerie atmospheric guitar work and a menacing build things get going with a powerful slower chugging riff and some dark harsh spoken word. Breaking for a pig squeal the whole thing then takes off with a return to those blast beats and some bludgeoning riffs. Closing downtempo is an absolute pleasure [8/10]


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