Review: “A Reptilian Dystopia” EP by Frogg

Frogg started as your typical high school band with founder Sky Moon Clark and co-founder at the time, Ryan Panny blasting off primarily Children of Bodom covers for fun. Frogg was later revitalized by Clark, during his time at Berklee College of Music. Experimenting  with different projects while continuing to funnel different guitar-centric song ideas and riffs into the archives that would later come to fruition with the next reincarnation of Frogg. In 2019, the overstocked stash of riffs, licks, and raw emotion was ready to be poured out into the world what was a one-man project bloomed with the addition of Siebe Sol Sijpkens (bass); Anthony Barrone (drums) and Liam Zintz-Kunkel (rhythm guitars) to record their first EP.

From the first few seconds of “Ancient Rain” it’s clear that the evolution of Frogg from Children Of Bodom covers band to a Technical Death Metal outfit has been a transformation that is nothing short of incredible. Putting all the Gold Bullion in the first carriage of their EP, the track is loaded with blistering Technical riffage, Blast Beats and helter skelter moments. Clearly taking inspiration from the likes of August Burns Red while adding in momentary synth bursts, it serves as a fine introduction to the new World of Frogg. “Nuclear Storm” brings the Periphery inspired DJent licks and polyrhythmic patterns with Death Metal tinges while Clark’s brutal uncleans are a glowing red hot in a single verse. “DNA” is a far more expansive cut at seven and a half minutes and has a distinct Erra feel while being so much heavier. Anthony Barrone is a machine on the kit and delivers a smattering of patterns that drive an often beautiful guitar sound through the never with a fine energy. As you might expect, there are elements that border on Progressive sounds but Frogg don’t do any meandering or straying from the path for the sake of it. There is no fat or excess to be trimmed. For all the beauty of its predecessor “Ranidaphobia” is it’s own beast and roars in before a female vocal bridge provides a soothing melodic moment only to be obliterated by the follow up verse. A cycle repeated as the track comes to an ambient mood closing.  The quality on show here is amazing for a first release and has left us salivating at the prospect of their debut album [9/10]

Track Listing:
1. Ancient Rain (3:23)
2. Nuclear Storm (2:05)
3. DNA (7:29)
4. Ranidaphobia (3:47)

“A Reptilian Dystopia” by Frogg is out 17th January and available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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