The Black Map #71: Ill Vision from Birmingham!

After a week off, it’s time to get back on the road and head to Birmingham for this week’s entry in The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene. This week’s edition is sponsored by Carlsberg’s Danish Pilsner, which isn’t the best Lager in the World, it’s just a Tribute. But we digress. As you know, probably the best band to come out of Birmingham are Dead Hands, but other quality bands exist in the heart of the Midlands, which has a rich heritage in the dark arts.

Since 2018, vocalist Matt Collins, guitarist Jake Murray, bassist David Sheppard and drummer Mitch Doman have been creating their own brand of Hardcore in Ill Vision, a powerhouse quartet that have clocked up shows in Birmingham, Sheffield, Wolverhampton and London with the likes of Road Mutant, Street Soldier and Revulsion. Their 7 minute and all important 8 seconds long self titled debut 3 track EP is a blistering affair that features guest vocals on “Hive Mind” performed by Brad Lakin while being recorded, mixed and mastered in house by guitarist Jake Murray. Incidentally while also including a 60 second segment of “5 Minutes Alone” by Pantera in their live set, Murray also looks like Dimebag Darrell Abbott himself with that same frizzy hair and beard style.

“Self Titled” by Ill Vision is out now and available over at bandcamp.


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