Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2019!

Carlsberg take the Moto “Probably the best beer in the World” into their advertising campaigns, then these are probably the best albums of 2019. On our eyes at least and remember kids, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s silk purse is another man’s sow’s ear. 2019 was a fantastic year in Metal with every sub-genre you can imagine producing the goods. So without further ado here are our top #5 full length album releases of the year!

The Valley” by Whitechapel. The seventh studio album from the Knoxville Tennessee Deathcore collective went a different route with something based on true events referencing vocalist Phil Bozeman’s upbringing in Hardin Valley Tennessee. An abusive stepfather and a mother with a split personality disorder who overdosed before she passed away being the core source of the material. It’s a powerful album that give a lot over multiple listens and adding beautifully balanced clean vocals into the mix.

Ethereal” by Shokran. The Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers brought a sense of theatre to captures the beating heart of Progressive DJent and makes it bigger, brighter and bolder. They struck the perfect balance in their blend with the abundant bright clean and soulful vocals playing wonderfully well against the uncleans which are at times used as a backing layer. There is enough guitar work for a trio of players and the master that is Dmitry Demyanenko shines throughout. They were a highlight at Tech-Fest in the summer as well.

The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” by Fit For An Autopsy. Returning with their fifth studio album, Will Putney helped fine tune an album that raises an already high bar higher, taking the band from strength to strength and gave them their finest collective performance to date with an album that defys all the odds and takes things to another level. Creating an album of Post-Deathcore at its finest with moments of Tech-Metal, Death Metal and even Metalcore in an adrenaline fueled stunningly good album.

Internal Atomics” by Stray From The Path. Politically fired up Hardcore that takes everything the band have delivered to date and turns it up to 10, the New York residents have completed three albums of sublime quality back to back with their latest offering. Musically tighter and with every song fist pumping anthem, it’s unrelenting quality is unmistakable.

Guided” by Confessions of a Traitor. The full debut album from the London natives should take them to parts of the Globe they’ve never seen before as this album proves they have what it takes to go toe to toe with the likes of As I Lay Dying and wrestle them for their crown as the Kings of Metalcore. Tech-Metal flourishes and a pair of guest appearances that shine, this is one that surprised us with it’s quality and captured their brilliant live energy to perfection courtesy of Myroslav Borys at Jigsaw Audio.

We should make some honourable mentions. “A Different Shade Of Blue” by Knocked Loose was painfully close to being on this list, as was “Shaped by Fire” from As I Lay Dying. Other contenders included “Worldwide Negative” from Krysthla and last but not least “Nothing Left to Love” by Counterparts.

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